Dear guests,

we offer three types of massage treatments.
A more detailed description is given in the text below or can be viewed in the video at the bottom of the page.

For bookings and more information visit or call the hotel’s reception on +385 20 455 555

Special treatment     –    duration: 50 min  –  price: 110 EUR – 828,80 HRK

* Exclusively available in Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik
– examintion
– professional treatment
– body stabilization exercises for posture improvement
Ideal for people who have problems with the locomotive
system, headaches, tense muscles,or any other aches or pains.
You will get a detailed insight into your body`s condition, a professional treatment
which incorporates world famous techniques like Anatomy Trains and Bowen Technique,
as well as customized DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) exercises for posture
improvement and body stabilization.
The treatment is very pleasant and deeply relaxing.



Bowen Technique      –    duration: 50 min  –  price: 95 EUR – 715,78 HRK   

* Exclusively available in Hotel Lapad in Dubrovnik

The ideal relaxation during your vacation
The Bowen Method is a gentle, dynamic and highly efficient, deeply relaxing system of stress relieving soft tissue manipulation.
The method works not only on muscles and bones, but the autonomic nervous system (the subsystem below the level of consciousness) regulating cell homeostasis, blood and lymph circulation improving and nutrient absorbtion, and detoxifying. The treatment is non-invasive, gentle and relaxing and suitable for everyone. It can also be used to relieve pain and prevent certain unwanted conditions.


Massage        –          duration:  50 min   –   price: 80 EUR – 602,76 HRK    

Pamper yourself with a massage that will bring your body and mind in the state of natural balance.
You will get a deeply relaxing massage that helps increaseflexibility, relieves muscular and joint tension, stimulates circulation and heightens the body`s energy levels.
The perfect treat for an amazing holiday.